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Finding Your Path to Health and Happiness

Finding your Path to Health and Happiness

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Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health is committed to providing comprehensive psychiatric services to our patients.  We are an outpatient psychiatric medical clinic that utilizes a holistic approach in treatment of our patients.  We recognize the personal difficulties and decisions that accompany pursuing psychiatric care and we honor the wishes of our patients when it comes to their medical treatment.  

Our staff offers compassionate care and thorough treatment of various psychiatric conditions including depressive disorder, Anxiety spectrum illnesses, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Attention deficit, Post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, addictive disorder and various developmental disorders such as autism and pervasive developmental disorder in addition to behavioral dysregulations such as anger, impulsivity, and mood reactivity.  

It is our goal to improve the lives of our patients through a combination of pharmacologic treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation and supportive care in encouraging healthy living, improving coping, addressing and correcting cognitive distortions, and ultimately, guiding our patients in building  confidence, and acceptance.  

We are committed to improving the lives of our patients and paving the path toward greater happiness and inner peace!

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