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Finding Your Path to Health and Happiness

Finding your Path to Health and Happiness

Payment information

Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health is currently an out of network provider.  

We are out of network with all other insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare

If you are out of network, we can provide you a detailed invoice per request that can be submitted 

to your insurance company for possible partial  or fullpayment

Payment for Psychiatric Services

Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health is currently out of network and a cash based clinic only.  We are not accepting any managed care or Medicaid/Medicare at this time. We have a set fee per visit based on the type of visitation. Please be aware that only medication management and psychiatric care can be billed to insurance.  

Acceptable methods of payment include cash, check, and credit card. 

Full payment is expected when you arrive for your appointment. 

The following is the fee schedule:

Initial visit/consultation: $320

Medication management follow-up: $145

Individual Therapy - $120

Diagnostic Neuropsychologic Testing - $200-$500 depending on test

**required for treatment of ADD/ADHD and monitoring of treatment for Dementia, TBI, Developmental Disorders, and Autism

Above fees are subject to change, however, any changes will be discussed with you.

Payment for Therapy Services

Our clinic counseling and therapy services, managed by Laura Hopkins, is out of network with insurance providers.  Patients have an option of being seen by therapy interns at a reduced rate under certain circumstances.  All therapy interns are supervised and receive collaboration from Laura Hopkins.  Therapy rates vary based on individual, couple, or family counseling and psychotherapist seen.  Please inquire regarding these rates.  

Insured Patient Policies

At this time, LPBH is not accepting any insurance providers.   We will be happy to provide you an invoice for compensation from your insurance company.  

Fees for Document Requests

Certain requests for documents are subject to fees.  Please note that the charges apply for the time allotted to filling the form based on pages as well as fees associated with producing and sending the document.  Simple requests and letters limited to one page are not subject to any fees.  Please refer to the fee schedule below:

Mental Residual Functional Capacity Assessment: $50

Specified Letter per request: $25 (If limit exceeds 1 page)

FMLA: $50

Special Services Enrollment for Students: $50

Refill of Triplicate Medications and Controlled Substances

Patients on Triplicate medications such as Stimulants (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin) and controlled, non-triplicate medications such as Benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax), Hypnotics (Ambien) and other potentially addictive medications, need very close follow-up and monitoring along with frequent follow-up.  These scripts will only be given 30 day supply at a time.  This is to comply with State and Professional regulations for usage of these medications and to avoid any misuse.  For the first 6 months-1 year of therapy on these medications, you may be asked to be seen monthly for each refill given. Once stable on symptoms, based on assessment of use, you will be allowed to follow-up every 6-12 wks.  Triplicate or schedule II drugs CANNOT be filled outside of appointment times.  Under no circumstance can these medications be filled if they are lost, misplaced or stolen.  Similar to schedule II drugs, scripts for highly addictive substances such as benzodiazepines and sedative/hypnotics cannot be filled outside of appointment times and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or misplaced.  


Direct Phone Collaboration with your Psychiatrist

As a clinic, we see it within our duty to attend to any emergent or concerning situations.  Basic questions regarding payment, insurance, and scheduling can be handled through our clinic director.  Most medical questions will be addressed by our clinic staff and medical coordinators after detail collaboration with our psychiatrist. 

If it becomes necessary to address your question directly with our psychiatrist, Dr. Rezaee will contact you directly via email or phone call.  These phone calls are limited to 10 minutes.  If there is no resolution in the duration of the 10 minutes, then you can be booked for an emergent or crisis appointment and in the event of emergency, medical or psychiatric, you will be referred for care by emergency crew or officials.  

Due to volume of patients, Dr. Rezaee is limited in phone calls greater than 10 minutes. If Dr. Rezaee has agreed that a followup phone call is necessary and this is considered essential in your treatment, then such fees may not apply.   Otherwise, please note that any medication or symptomatic concerned need to be addressed in person in a visit.  By law, patients need to have a face to face evaluation for any medication

Payment Responsibilities

Payment for psychiatric services is due in full at the time of service. You will be responsible for full amount of payment prior to your official appointment.  

Missed/Late Appointments

Failure to keep your scheduled appointment will result in a fee of $150 for initial visits and $100 for follow-up visitation unless you cancel at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the appointment time. In emergent circumstances, please immediately contact our office and if the circumstance is determined to be dire, this fee will be waived. This fee cannot be waived more than twice.

Unpaid bills

Payment is expected on the day of service.  Any unpaid due amount is subject to a weekly late fee of $20.  Unpaid bills that are pending beyond 6 weeks are sent to collection.  

Managed Care Policy

Our clinic has formally opted-out of managed care including Medicare and Medicaid.  This means that as a clinic, we will establish a private contract with our patients under Medicare/Medicaid in agreement that services provided by our practitioner are not covered by Medicare and no payment can be made to the physician or practitioner or to beneficiaries.  As a patient, you will be charged an agreed fee per clinic rules and you are responsible for full payment in cash to the clinic.  This also means that reimbursement forms cannot be filed to Medicare by patient and the patient will not be able to receive any reimbursement.  Patients under managed care will have to agree to signing a contract specifying the above terms prior to being seen by our psychiatrist.  Please note that as a managed care patient, with proof of coverage, we are able to accommodate you through sliding scale payment. Please refer to the section below for further information.