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Finding Your Path to Health and Happiness

Finding your Path to Health and Happiness

About Us

Introduction to the Clinic

Lakeway psychiatry and Behavioral Health was established as an outpatient psychiatric clinic in June 2012.   Our medical clinic begun from the combined efforts of a team consistent of father and daughter. The mission to serve healthcare and education to the community has been a mission held dear to us in our family for a long time.   Functioning in union as founders in the capacity of provider and clinical director, our team is hoping to expand our clinic to include care by advance nurse practitioners and intermediate care providers to further serve our community and the presenting needs for psychiatric treatment.  

Introduction to Our Team

Reza Rezaee Ph.D.

Co-Founder/Clinic Director/ Part-time Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Reza Rezaee not only functions in directing and managing the operation of Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health but has been an associate adjunct professor for duration of over 10 years.  Dr. Reza Rezaee, as a dedicated father and hard-working educator with business background is proud to have been able to deliver health and education to the community for duration of past years.    

Dr. Reza Rezaee started his undergraduate studies at Tehran Military College, graduating with Bachelors of Science in General Science, ranking first among 264 graduates. He completed an MBA program attending Iran Center for Management Studies (ICMS), a business school affiliated with Harvard University and obtained his Management Business Administration degree in 1980.  Subsequently, Dr. Reza Rezaee functioned as an owner and director of a Manufacturing and Textile company for 15 years.  

As a first generation immigrant, Dr. Rezaee decided to dedicate his career to teaching and education.  He began taking advanced Math and education courses in University of Texas at San Antonio and obtained his Alternative Teacher Certification program in 1996 . While teaching math at high school level and tutoring different subjects at a learning center, he obtained his master's degree in Political Science in 2003 from Texas State University in San Marcos.  

Subsequently, Dr. Reza Rezaee joined Austin Community College (ACC) as an adjunct professor teaching government courses.  Concurrently, while teaching at ACC, he enrolled in a doctoral program at Texas State University and received his Ph.D. in Adult, Professional, and Community Education (APCE). 

Combining his extensive passion and experience in education with his successful past ventures in business, Dr. Reza Rezaee joined his daughter, Ziba Rezaee in establishing Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health in 2012.  Today, he manages various issues from financial operations to administrative issues and non-medical patient care concerns.  Dr. Rezaee believes that being a veteran educator will enable him to play a positive role in helping patients and the community.

Outside of work, Dr. Reza Rezaee has shared over 50 years in marriage with his wife and is a proud father of three children and grandfather to two beloved successful grandchildren.  As a hobby, he enjoys being creative building and constructing and is the family handy man!  In down times, he spends time with family and enjoys the company of friends.  

Ziba Rezaee M.D.

Ziba Rezaee M.D.

Co-Founder/Board Certified General Psychiatrist

Dr. Rezaee has been a resident of Texas for two decades. She grew up in a family with particular passion toward education and service to others. Thus, starting early on she held great fondness toward pursue of medicine. Dr. Rezaee pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with highest honors with Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minor in Psychology. Concurrent to her studies, Dr. Rezaee worked part-time in the capacity of an educator for duration of 4 years with Huntington Learning Center, tutoring ages 5 till late adolescence. In addition, pursuing her passion in working with children with developmental delays, she established her independent work in aiding in the care, rehabilitation, and family support of children with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities.

Dr. Rezaee obtained her medical degree from University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. During her comprehensive medical education, she began taking an academic interest in the organic brain pathologies culminating in the genesis of psychiatric disorders and the evolving field of neurology and psychiatry.  During this time, she recognized her passion in connecting with her patients on a deeper level and addressing the often overlooked treatment of patients with comorbid medical and psychiatric issues.  Her particular area of interest lies in the underlying pathophysiology of primary and secondary traumatic brain injury with consequent neuropsychiatric insults that evolve as a result.  

Following her interest, Dr. Rezaee began her training in psychiatry and subsequently, completed her specialty training from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She is currently board certified in the State of Texas with her current practice established in general psychiatry.  Dr. Rezaee is currently in the process of obtaining her fellowship in the newly established field of Brain Injury Medicine.  She plans on finalizing her board certification in Traumatic Brain Injury and focusing her medical practice in treatment and rehabilitation of patients with mild to severe brain injury along with care of developmental and organic neuropsychiatric conditions.  

Concurrently, Dr. Rezaee has functioned as a practitioner in several capacity. In addition to her general psychiatric clinic, Dr. Rezaee is the medical director of Pegasus Inc., a child/adolescent male residential facility providing rehabilitation to patients with sexual offenses and trauma histories and has served in the past as medical director of sister facility, New Life and has extensive history with children and adolescents with severe trauma histories. She has served as consultant to Core Healthcare, an inpatient rehabilitation facility for traumatic brain injury where she oversaw the medical and neuropsychiatric recovery of patients in the aftermath of severe neurologic trauma to the brain and spine. Dr. Rezaee also has served as medical director of several detox facilities in the past including Hasinai Ranch and Spirit Lodge and has aided in establishing detox protocols and treatment planning for patients undergoing detox and maintaining sobriety.  Dr. Rezaee also works with various outpatient MHMR and community mental health clinics and also is involved in managing patient crises and care in various EOU and CSU (Extended Observation Units and Crisis Stabilization Units) in Hill Country that serve to stabilize acutely ill patients.  In commitment to her ultimate passion of education and her loyalty toward University of Texas education system, she has served as an adjunct clinical affiliate faculty at University of Texas at Austin, educating and supervising nursing students enrolled in completion of their advanced nursing degree and is also in process of serving as assistant clinical faculty for medical students enrolled in psychiatric clerkship for A&M College of Medicine.

In her personal life, Dr. Rezaee values family greatly and enjoys socializing frequently with friends.  In her downtime, she enjoys relaxation, traveling, exercising, and music. She also dedicates time to appreciating and caring for nature and animals.  

Jessica Hooson, LMSW
Clinic Assistant Manager/Lead Clinical Therapist/ Instructor to Interns
Individual and Group Therapist

Ms. Hooson is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) who is currently working on her final clinical hours to receive her Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) licensure.  She attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas where she majored in Social Work and minored in Psychology in 2014. She has subsequently received her Masters in Social Work at Texas State University in 2015.   Ms. Hooson is an active instructor of therapy Interns and works closely under the supervision and collaboration of Ms. Colette L Duciaume-Wright and Dr. Ziba Rezaee.

During her time at Texas State University she was involved in Social Work organizations such as Organized Student Social Workers and Phi Alpha a Social Work Honors Society. Ms. Hooson was an active member of Gamma Phi Beta Panhellenic social sorority. Jessica was also part of the grand opening of the Child Advocacy Center of Comal County, and completed a project creating care packages before sending them to the troops over seas.

During her time at Texas State University, Ms. Hooson was able to complete her first internship at Child Protective Services. She completed her undergrad internship at Communities In Schools at Lehman High School in Kyle, Texas.  Her final phase of graduate internship was completed at University Medical Center Brackenridge- Seton as a discharge coordinator.

After finishing her education, Ms. Hooson's professional experience began at New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake, Texas. At this Residential Treatment Center, she was able to help and support 11-17 year old female adolescents who were undergoing residential rehabilitation for extensive sexual/physical/emotional abuse. She started working at New Life in 2015 where she was a Case Supervisor to over twenty girls. This position allowed her to become part of the Treatment Planning team, which incorporated medical management, therapeutic alliance and rehabilitation, as well as mentor-ship and recreational growth of these adolescents.

Dr. Rezaee had the pleasure of working with Ms. Hooson for duration of over one year and observed her passion, patience, and hard work in caring for and rehabilatating highly traumatized and acute resident patients in New Life and subsequently, was pleased to have Jessica as part of the healthcare professional family of Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health.  

Ms. Hooson has great leadership and management qualities.  She serves as the assistant manager and administrator of LPBH as well as the main clinical therapist that serves an integral role in counseling and treatment growth of our patients.  She will also serve as instructor to Interns and Students in various mental health professions and will also serve in growing the business of clinic.  Ms. Hooson has a desire to passionately connect with children, adolescents, and adults and serves to help each and every client realize the resilience and strength they are already equipped with. 

In her private life, Ms. Hooson enjoys socializing, family, arts, and especially, having the company of her own cats Taz and Phoebe and our clinic cat, Ross.  

Lisa D'Amura, BSN, RN, IBCLC, PMHNP-Intern

Clinic Advanced Nurse Practitioner- Intern

Lisa is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Intern with nearly 15 years of experience in nursing. She has experience working as a Registered Nurse at in-patient psychiatric hospitals. Before her move to psychiatric nursing, Lisa was a Labor and Delivery Nurse and worked as a Lactation Consultant at St. David’s Medical Center for 5 years. She volunteered as a Postpartum Support International State Coordinator and Support Group Facilitator in Fort Worth during her time as a stay-at-home mom.  

She has a passion for providing compassionate and holistic care to clients with depression, anxiety and mood disorders. She believes in getting to know her clients and treating the whole person as a collaborative effort. Psychoeducation is an important piece of treatment and Lisa has always enjoyed teaching patients and answering questions so that they feel comfortable and confident with their treatment options.Lisa specializes in perinatal mood disorders and has a passion for helping parents and families with transitions and adjustments. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has knowledge and experience dealing with medications and breastmilk safety.

Lisa has lived in Austin most of her life. She graduated with her BSN from The University of Texas at Austin with Honors in 2003 and will finish her MSN in May 2017. She is a member of several honor societies including, Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society. She was named a University of Texas College Scholar and was a regular on The Dean’s List.

As part of her commitment to ongoing education and collaboration, Lisa is a member of American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Austin Group Psychotherapy Society, Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas, Austin Perinatal Clinicians Group and Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses of Austin.

Lisa is a mother of three. She enjoys spending time with her children at home or at their various extracurricular activities. She enjoys baking, reading, “crafting” and yoga when she has time.


Clinic Therapy Cat

Ross joined Lakeway Psychiatry and Behavioral Health as the clinic therapy cat in 2017.  As an employee, he is supervised by his favorite boss and friend, Ms. Hooson.  His daily work involves sitting with patients, laying on their lap, accompanying staff in completing their work and lounging around and taking naps through the day.  He loves to be pet and is a complete cuddle bug.  Ross is a rescue cat from Canyon Lake, Texas.  He is about 1 year old and loves play time.  For our pet loving patients and our children, Ross will ensure to brighten their day each and every appointment time !  He takes his job very seriously and can be requested to accompany our patients to each appointment.  Of course, he is very popular so requests are first come first serve!!